Crochet smooth transitions for stripes

When you are making hat or amigurumi you sometimes need to add stripes. Most of the time when you add these stripes it will look like your stripes are off set a little. I am going to show you how to make add these stripes without the rows looking off set.

First step is to get to where you need to change colors. In the next stitch you want to do a slip stitch.

photo 1

Tie off your first color. This will make it look like all your rows line up.

photo 2

Now join you next color is the same spot has the previous slip stitch. Then place a sc in this space too.

photo 5

Now countine around with your stripe.

photo 2

If you need to add another row of this color you just keep going on until you need to switch colors again. When you are ready to switch colors again place a slip stitch to finish off this color.

photo 4

Join your next color again and place sc in the same space has your slip stitch. Repeat these steps until you have completed your project.

photo 2

Now weave in your ends. For this when you weave in your ends place the tales on the row below where you started. This will help smooth out the rows.