Rival Raglan Shirt

I have recently started testing patterns for designers. This is one amazing shirt. It is called the Rival Raglan. It was put out by GYCT Designs. Another great thing about this pattern is she also includes a matching dress and tunic.

I got to make 4 shirts one for each of my kids. They really love it and they keep telling me how much it feels and looks likes a shirt from the store. To quote my 10 year old “These are the best back to school shirts ever”. If you are looking for a fast few shirt this is one the quickest I’ve done. Yes I am new at sewing shirts but I can throw one of these together in 30 mins.


This first shirt is made with woven cotton fabric for the sleeves and sport active knit fabric for the bodice. Its really light weight and breathable. Now my son’s arms are really skinny which is why I could get away with woven for the sleeves.


This next shirt is made with light weight knit fabric for bodice and sport active knit for the sleeves. My 4 year old loves how it fits him. I actually think he just loves that hulk is on his shirt.

DSC_0077This next shirt is made out of active sport knit fabric on both the bodice and sleeves. Even though it is long sleeves its is really light weight and breathable. My son wears it even when its really hot outside.

DSC_0086Last but not least my favorite of all the shirts I made. This one is also made out active sport knit. However, the bodice on this shirt has reflective dots on it. It is really great since me and boys run and ride bikes quite a bit. Plus the bright green sleeve make them very visible.



After we were done taking pictures this day I gave them permission to throw rocks into the lake. They had a blast and it made for a great morning.